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We know 90% of tenants use the internet to find properties – that’s why we’ll list your property on the major property websites in the UK...

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We can also provide you with:

  • Gas & Electric certificates
  • Industry leading inventories
  • EPC’s
  • Legal Services
  • All trades maintenance
  • Insurance
  • Conveyancing

Legal Services 

Having Problems? We can help.

Big Red House has a whole suite of legal support services to help you in evicting a troublesome tenant or regaining the rent that is rightfully yours. As with other services that we offer, we have packaged our services up on a low cost fixed fee basis, so you know exactly how much any action will cost you. This differs drastically from a typical high street solicitors approach that would normally opt to charge you by the hour. It's also worth noting that you may find other solutions out there offering to do the same work on a similar fixed fee basis but beware this work is often not done by a qualified solicitor and could ultimately cost you more in the long run. Big Red House only uses highly qualified solicitors that have years of experience in winning cases for landlords.

Our Low Cost Fixed Fee Structure Explained

At Big Red House we have selected legal partners that are the very best at what they do. Whilst much of the preparation for your case can be prepared by a member of the Big Red House team, we will settle for nothing less than a fully qualified solicitor submitting your paperwork to the courts and appearing before a judge to win your case. We only deal with solicitors that specialise in landlord law and as we are able to provide them with a volume of work, we have been able to negotiate a new pricing model in the form of a low cost fixed fee structure.

We like to be open and upfront with all our clients and as such we need to advise that although we can offer this fixed fee approach, this is only applicable for a typical case, on the rare occasion that the defendant files a defence against your claim and other hearings are required then a standard hourly rate will need to apply for the additional work. However this will also be quoted at a fixed rate at the time of instruction.

It is said that mistakes are made by indecision not wrong decision. Take action now! In most cases the longer you wait, the more you lose.

Residential Evictions

Debt Recovery

Tracing Services


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