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Residential Tenant Evictions

Do you need help or advice about evicting tenants?

Sometimes the relationship between yourself and your tenants becomes strained or you may want your property back. Whatever the reason there is a strict process that must be followed in recovering your property.

Below is a simple step by step guide of our services which takes you through the eviction process, whilstminimising the impact on your pocket. We can do asmuch or as little of the below that you require.

Step 1 - Pre Court Letter

By sending this letter your tenant knows that you are serious. Sometimes receiving a letter on official legal letterhead is enough to spur the tenant into action. A pre court letter can be used for many reasons like rent arrears, damage to the property and complaints from neighbours.

This service is provided free of charge to our Full Management clients or its just £40.00 if we do not currently provide full management services for your property.

Step 2 - Notices

We will review your situation and serve the most appropriate notice based on the current circumstances within 48 hours. This could be a Section 21 Notice, a Section 8 Notice or even both on some occasions, either way you will have the peace of mind that the correct notice has been served along with the all-important certificate of service.

Unless you know exactly which notice you need to serve please do not attempt to take this step yourself, many landlords and letting agents make this mistake and potentially run the risk of the notice being rejected by the court and can cause unnecessary costly delays. If the court deems your notice incorrect it could be another 3 months before your case is back in front of a judge. This can often be the only thing a landlord needs to get a tenant to vacate the property. If not, we go to Step 3.

This service is provided free of charge to our Full Management clients or from as little as £75.00 for a Section 21 notice or just £100.00 for the service a Section 8 notice.

Step 3 - Court Proceedings

If the tenant has not responded to the notice we apply to the courts to have them removed from the property. This is done by issuing court proceedings against the tenant; in such an event we complete all the necessary paperwork on your behalf and submit this to the appropriate County Court. We will ensure your hearing date has been scheduled and if required, arrange for a legal advocate to go before a Judge* and attempt to regain possession of your property. BRH charge a fixed fee of £450 for this service, the applicable court fee for will apply. If the tenant still doesn’t leave, we go to Step 4.

*A fee of £200 will be required for the prescence of a legal advocate if a hearing is needed.

You can only use Step 3 if the tenant has already been served notice.

Step 4 - Court Bailiffs

Very few tenants will remain in a property after a Possession Order has been granted. However if the tenant does remain in the property then we will arrange for the court bailiffs to remove your tenant and get you your property back for £120, an additional court fee will apply.

Please note: You can only take this step if you have a court order

Step 5 - The Forgotten Step

Once you have had a successful eviction the tenant may leave behind their belongings. If this happens, you are liable for what happens to those belongings and there is a strict procedure that you must follow. For a small fee of £120 a member of our team will visit your property and draft all the necessary paperwork to ensure you are fully protected.

Call us on 0800 612 7977 to start tenant eviction proceedings