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Your Tenants Responsibilities

The Condition of the Property and Disrepair

  • The tenant must not make any alteration or addition to the property or do any redecoration without your permission in writing.

  • The tenant must keep the inside of the property, and your fixtures and fittings, in good condition, undamaged (other than by fair wear and tear), and clean and tidy.

  • The tenant must keep any shared areas clean and fit for use by them and anyone else living in or using them.

  • The tenant must tell us promptly about any repair that is needed, or any act of vandalism done to the property or any fixtures or items that your are responsible for. If possible, the tenant should tell us in writing. Where thetenant has spoken to us about the problem, the tenant should if possible confirm this to us in writing within three days, or as soon as is reasonable practicable.

  • The tenant will be responsible for the repair of any damage to the property, or the shared areas, or to your fixtures and fittings, that the tenant has caused (except for fair wear and tear), and the tenant must refund anymoney which has been paid to repair the damage.

  • The tenant must not block or obstruct the drains and pipes, gutters and channels in or around the property, and must take all reasonable steps to prevent any part of the draining and heating systems becoming frozen during the winter months. The tenant will be responsible for paying for or refunding (as far as is reasonable) all losses which you and any of the neighbours suffer as a result of their failure to follow this condition.

  • The tenant must keep the garden (if there is one) neat and tidy and maintained to the same standard as it was in the start of the tenancy.

Health and Safety

  • The tenant must not keep any dangerous or flammable goods (those that easily catch fire), materials or substances in or on the property, apart from those needed for general household use (such as matches).

  • The tenant must not use any form of heating other than the heating system provided, unless they have our written permission (which we will not refuse or delay without good reason). In particular, the tenant must not use any oil or liquid petroleum gas fires.

  • The tenant must not smoke inside the property or in any shared areas.

  • The tenant must test all smoke alarms installed in the property at least once per month and replace the batteries regularly.

  • The tenant must keep the property free from vermin.

  • The tenant must keep all shared area free from obstruction.

Using the Property

  • The tenant must not allow anyone who is not named in this agreement to live in or share possession or occupation of the property with you.

  • The tenant must use the property as a private residence only. This means that they must not carry out any profession, trade or business at the property.

  • The tenant must not do anything on or at the property that:

  • Causes or is likely to cause a nuisance or annoyance to anyone else living in the property or anyone else who owns or lives in nearby premises.

  • Is illegal or immoral.

  • Allows stranger's unsupervised access to any shared areas which are not open to the general public.

  • The tenant will be responsible for paying (as far as is reasonable) for all losses which you, and anyone else, may suffer as a result of you not following this condition.

  • The tenant must not leave the property empty for a continuous period of more than 30 days without telling us, either beforehand or as soon as possible in an emergency, and must make the property secure when you are leaving it unattended.

  • The tenant must not keep any pet or any kind of animal at the property unless they have our written permission.


  • The tenant must not do anything on or at the property that will in any way affect the insurance of the property and its contents, or which will increase the premium which you have to pay. If the tenant does not follow this clause they will have to re-pay to you, for the period of time they are living at the property, any extra amount you have to pay for your insurance premium which is due to the tenants conduct or the conduct of anyone they have allowed to live at or visit the property

  • The tenant will be responsible for arranging and paying the premiums for any insurance cover for their personal belongings.