Professional membership

When selling your home through an estate agent, you may notice that most agents have a variety of logos on their stationary representing the various bodies or organisations for which they have some form of membership. We thought it was important to explain to you exactly what these mean and what you should look out for when selecting your agency.

Firstly, it is important that you check that your chosen agency is registered with the OEA and OFT. The OEA is the Ombudsman for Estate Agency and the OFT is the Office of Fair Trading. By law all estate agents operating in this industry need to adhere to the code of practice set out by these organisations. You can rest assured that Big Red House is registered and will always adhere to the code of practice that these organisations recommend for our industry. Should you ever have any issues with your agency that cannot be resolved by mutual agreement then the OEA and OFT are there to support you as a consumer. If your chosen agent is not registered with the OEA or OFT then proceed at your peril! For further information, click on the links below. Its worth noting that currently these are the only mandatory organisations that an Estate Agency must join, anything else is purely optional and down to the discretion and aspirations of the Estate Agency.


The official online resource for the UK Ombudsman Scheme for Estate Agents. Includes a searchable database of member estate agents.


Enforces consumer protection law and competition law, reviews proposed mergers and conducts market studies.


Information on buying and selling property, homes and houses in the UK.


Information on ARLA and its bonding scheme for landlords and tenants, and means of contacting member agents.


The National Landlords Association is the leading independent national organisation for private residential landlords.