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Tenant Agency Agreement

Late Payments

Any late payments in accordance with your tenancy agreement or agreed dates are subject to a £15 late payment charge. This charge will be required to be settled in full within 28 days of non rent payment occurring.
If any unsettled charges remain at the end of the tenancy agreement fixed term this may effect the renewal.

Chasing Rent - late payment phone call charge

If we do not receive your rent payment on the date due and receive no correspondence from you to discuss or explain we will attempt to contact you by telephone. Each telephone call is subject to a £4.00 chasing charge. Please note that this charge will be applied to your account even if you do not answer - for whatever reason.
This charge may be applied for the chasing of non payment in full on the date due, part payment on the date due or for any outstanding arrears amounts.
All attempted telephone calls and complete telephone calls will be logged as evidence towards the charge applied to your account.

Chasing Rent - late payment letter charge

If we do not receive your rent payment on the date due and receive no correspondence from you to discuss or explain we will attempt to contact you by letter. Each letter is subject to a £5.00 chasing charge. Please note that this charge will be applied to your account even if it is claimed no letter was received - for whatever reason.
This charge may be applied for the chasing of non payment in full on the date due, part payment on the date due or for any outstanding arrears amounts.
All letters sent will be logged as evidence towards the charge applied to your account.

Effect of rent issues to landlords

Please bear in mind the consequences of your actions (or lack of) towards the landlord. You may not know the landlord and you may never meet or speak to them, however all of our landlords are normal people with bills to pay.
Some landlords need the rent to be paid in order to make mortgage payments or pay for other bills in relation to the property. They may also need the rent to pay for day to day living and also have to support themselves and their family. Please bear in mind that landlords have to pay for maintenance, insurances, certificates and other related outgoings - if they do not receive their rent on time (or at all) they will definitely not be happy and the professional relationship you once had as tenant and landlord may break down very quickly.
Also, if we do not hear from you and are unable to contact you we still have to report this back to the landlord. If we have no correspondence from you for long periods of time or it becomes a regular occurrence the landlord will undoubtedly become frustrated with the situation. If this happens there is a good possibility that it will cause problems with your tenancy agreement.
Remember - not all landlords drive Ferraris and own private yachts!

We do not want to chase you!

We shall repeat again - we do not want to chase you! Honestly!
We have some tenants that have rented our properties for long periods of time and have paid rent on time and in full on every occasion. The point being that other than for maintenance related letters or phone calls or a general enquiry, we leave our tenants alone to enjoy their time and their properties in peace and quiet!

Continued late payment and no contact from you

If we encounter a mixture of late payments, payments not paid in full and no correspondence from yourself to work with us as a managing agent, your landlord may ask us to not renew your agreement or evict you from the property.

Bank charges

Most UK based businesses may be subject to charges from their own bank for various transactions. Unfortunately, we are no different!
Big Red House incurs charges for any cash payments paid into our account, this is deemed as a handling fee. Therefore, these charges are passed onto you as a tenant. Fortunately we as a business and you as a customer have several options available to combat this!
We are able to work with you to arrange standing orders, direct internet transfers, telephone transfers and various other alternatives to pay any fees owed or your regular rent payments.
Each individual cash payment is subject to a £3.00 charge. The source of the transaction can be determined as to whether it is via a cash payment or not. The charge will be added to your account and will be required to be settled like any other charge.
Please note that some tenants do prefer to pay rent in by cash, if you would like to pay your rent by cash on a one off occassion or each time you are entitled to do this aslong as an extra £3.00 is paid in with your rent. You will need to make the cash payment yourself at a Big Red House local bank, details of which can be supplied to you if required.

Reference your payments

When paying rent or fees to Big Red House please ensure you reference the payment with your surname or property address. If you do not do this we will not know which tenant has paid in the money. The money will not be lost, it will however remain unallocated to you or your property and you may receive additional charges for late payment phone call or letter chasing as we are unable to identify that you have actually paid your rent. If paying in rent by cash at the bank it is important to write your reference on the paying in slip and tell the bank staff about the reference.

Rent payments in cash to Big Red House

Where possible, please use one of the alternatives mentioned above to pay your rent. If necessary, you can pay your rent direct to Big Red House in cash. There will however be a £15 handling and cashing charge plus a £3.00 paying in charge. Therefore the total charge to pay in rent on your behalf would be £18.00.
We do not offer a rent collection service.


Should the findings of an inspection report conclude that the damp is from condensation then this may be due to property neglect on behalf of the tenant. Where possible and if deemed necessary, vents may be fitted to various areas of a room or property to assist with remedying the issue. If the outcome is deemed to be neglect on behalf of the tenant, a suitable remedy will need to be discussed. Please note that if it has been deemed that damp has been caused by neglect of the tenant, any associated remedial costs may be passed on to the tenant and the landlord may seek further action which may result in issues with your tenancy agreement.
Please see the tenant pack for further information, however some tips include, ensuring the heating is put on often enough, opening windows in the bathroom or rooms where condensation usually occurs and not putting wet clothes on the radiators to dry.
When moisture gathers on a window in the form of condensation it gives an indication as to how much moisture is in the air and how much is being absorbed by the surrounding walls. Please be aware that windows may not indicate whether there is moisture in the air or not and you will only find out once the walls of the property have become moist and damp!

Maintenance call outs - charges to tenant

If you have had a maintenance issue where a contractor has had to visit your property and the solution was deemed logical, sensible or there was no fault found at all the contractor charge will be payable by yourself not the landlord.
Dependant on the contractor, this charge may be payable whilst the contractor is still present or within 28 days of te charge being raised.
Examples of previous maintenance call out charges that have been charged to the tenant are;

Fault: No electricity
Cause: One switch on fuseboard needed flicking up to power the electricity back on
Charge to tenant: £25.00

Fault: No gas, no heating, no hot water
Cause: No credit in gas meter and problem with gas card. Responsibility of tenant and utilities company
Charge to tenant: £25.00

Fault: Radiators only getting warm but not hot
Cause: Temperature in room had reached thermostat level selected by tenant. Thermostat needed turning up to higher temperature
Charge to tenant: £25.00

Fault: Radiators only getting warm but not hot
Cause: Radiators needed bleeding
Charge to tenant: £25.00

Fault: Light not working
Cause: New light bulb required
Charge to tenant: £25.00

Lost keys / getting locked out
If you lose your house key and require a spare key to be delivered to you to enable you access you will be charged £25.00 plus £10.00 for the cost for key cutting. Key cutting is charged at £10.00 per key.
Charge for call out at night/outside of business hours: £x.xx ??

Anti social behaviour, general disturbance, persistent problems, rudeness to staff, etc

Should any of the above or any other similar situation or circumstance occur that is either an isolated incident or continued incidents deemed to be a problem for the landlord, property, Big Red House, neighbours or neighbourhood you may encounter issues with your tenancy agreement.

To Let Board

Every property marketed by Big Red House will somewhere on the premises have at least one To Let board present. Please do not take down, disfigure, remove or dispose of.
A charge of £40.00 will be applied to your account should this occur. The charge will be required to be settled within 28 days of invoice date.
The board will be changed from To Let to I'm Taken shortly after you have entered your property. The board will remain erected at the property with the I'm Taken' slip for 14 - 21 days. After this period, we shall instruct our contractor to completely remove and retrieve the board.
Should the board not be retrieved after this period please contact us so we can make any necessary arrangements required.
Big Red House will not be responsible for any damage caused to the property or premises during the duration of the board process.
The board is a possession and asset of Big Red House Ltd, any disfigurement, removal or disposal may be treated as a case of vandalism or theft. Local authorities may be contacted and relevant board replacement charges will be added to your account.

Evictions, CCJs, tracing services, legal action, debt collection and professional bailiff services

Big Red House and the landlord want to maintain a good relationship during the duration of your tenancy agreement. Unfortunately on some occasions this relationship may break down over a period of time or even with immediate effect.
Big Red House as a managing agent are positioned between landlord and tenant, it is our job and responsibility to keep a good relationship between all parties. In the majority of most past cases that have encountered evictions or various acts of debt collection the break down of the relationship was caused by the failure of the tenant to forward rent on time, from persistent late or part rent payments or refusal to co-operate in some way.
Big Red House and the landlord want all tenants to experience the peaceful enjoyment of their property, however it is our responsibility to inform you as a potential future tenant of any consequences or actions that may be taken against you by the landlord.
Please see below for brief descriptions of actions taken against tenants by landlords. If you believe you may not be able to fulfil your legal obligations as a tenant, please discuss this with us before making an application for a property. If you feel you may not be able fulfil, cannot fulfil or do not feel completely comfortable with your legal obligations of the tenancy agreement you should definitely not proceed with a rental application or indeed sign any tenancy agreement with Big Red House, any landlord or any other managing agent.

CCJs (County Court Judgements)

If rental arrears accumulate to an amount that your landlord deems unsatisfactory and feels this balance will not be settled in full or after agreeing a formal payment plan a CCJ may be raised and lodged against you.
A CCJ will be lodged against your name for a considerable amount of time and will show up on any credit check that is processed for you in the future. The consequences of having a CCJ may seriously effect your future chances of renting a property, buying a property, or buying or leasing any other type of product such as a car, mobile phone or credit cards etc. A CCJ in some cases this may even affect your ability to obtain a job with a new employer or even face being dismissed if their recruitment policy deems CCJs unacceptable as part of their terms and conditions or employment contract.

Tracing Services

If a scenario occurs where a tenant leaves the property during their contract or because of rental arrears or any other issue - Big Red House will use the facility of a professional tracing service.
A tracing service is a legal way of accessing individuals information to ascertain their new place of residence. Should this occur, any current rental arrears, CCJ lodgement or legal action will be lodged against the new property address and all future correspondence sent to this address.
In the case of professional bailiffs being appointed, they will contact and visit previous tenants at their new address or their guarantors address.

Legal Action

There are various types of legal action and legal processes that may be taken against a tenant. Most are related to damage to the property, broken contractual obligations or rental arrears. Should such a scenario occur the landlord may seek impartial and expert legal advice to proceed with actions against you.

Debt Collection

If rental arrears occur Big Red House will contact you to discuss and agree a formal solution and payment plan. In most cases a resolution can be agreed to.
If you feel you can no longer afford to pay your rent in full or on time, please contact us in confidence so we can discuss a realistic solution for both you and the landlord.
If we have no correspondence with you or you fail to adhere to the formal agreement made then the arrears will be passed onto our debt collection and eviction department.
If no resolution to the issues are forthcoming, the landlord may seek legal advice regarding eviction and debt recovery against you.

Professional Bailiff Services

Upon instruction by the landlord Big Red House may instruct a professional bailiffs service to recover any debt owed to your landlord. After confirmation and instruction from the High Court the bailiff service will then legally be able to visit the current property, a new property address or the guarantors address to enter and seize assets.

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