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We know 90% of buyers use the internet to find properties – that’s why we’ll list your property on the major property websites in the UK...

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Free Market Valuation

The value of your property can and does fluctuate, like any other product this can be dictated by the current market conditions and the age old saying of ‘supply and demand’. Big Red House will market your property to ensure you receive the most viewings possible and that you receive a good fair price as quickly as you can. The value of your property will be affected by many factors, including, condition, cosmetic choice, size, area, nearby schools and others – potential buyers will rank all of these factors differently, however we ensure that we list your property at a fair and current price that will gain interest from current property buyers and ultimately achieve your goal of selling your property.

As you may be aware there are many websites that can provide you with information on the historic selling prices of properties in your area, unfortunately this is not enough for you to generate a valuation. At Big Red House we offer all our clients a free valuation, we use similar tools to what have just been mentioned but in addition to this we use our local knowledge, combined with your circumstance to help generate the right valuation for you and your property.

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