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We know 90% of buyers use the internet to find properties – that’s why we’ll list your property on the major property websites in the UK...

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Questions & Answers

How does selling my property with Big Red House work?

It couldn't be any easier, simply review our selling packages on our website and select the option that suits your needs the best. When checking out make sure you select an EPC if you dont already have one, otherwise this can cause a delay in getting your property live and on the market. Once we have received your instruction you will be contacted by your personal agent who will take you through the next steps and who will be there with you through every step of the selling process.

What is the difference between Big Red House and a traditional Estate Agent?

Mainly price and value. Most traditional agents charge a percentage of the sale price to sell your property. Big Red House offer property sellers the opportunity to sell their property with a fixed fee. A fixed fee allows for a fairer cost to customers and ensures that all our customers pay the same amount. Not only is our fixed fee great for customer price fairness it is also a more cost effective option compared to selling with traditional percentage based agents! Big Red House are proud to offer a flexible, simple and cost effective solution and we believe this is the way forward for our industry. As a customer of Big Red House you will receive no compromise or reduction in quality or service compared to that of a traditional agent. You simply receive a fairer priced and better value alternative to the traditional agent. In fact, we believe the calibre of our employees to be much higher than the traditional estate agent as we employee fully qualified and trained Sales and Marketing professionals. We now live in a world of the internet, convenience and value. We recognise and understand this - come join us and get the best value service you've ever had.

What is the difference between Big Red House and an Online Estate Agent?

Most online agents are only online, we support our competitors that have moved their business to this model, however we believe they have missed out one very important thing - personal service. This means that you can't see or visit them and they may only offer a phone or email service. Big Red House have dedicated members of staff within your region that are there to support you through every step of the journey - just like a traditional agent! We also have offices in all our regions, meaning our clients are free to pop in anytime.
Some online agents claim to cover the whole of the UK, however leave holes in their offering by supporting some areas and not others. Big Red House know who we are and who our customers are - we are always upfront about the areas we can support and the areas we are moving into.
Big Red House offer a transparent service with great value prices. Our serivce options are easy to understand and there are no hidden extra costs or add on's that you will need to pay for! We believe in offering a fully comprehensive fixed fee service, meaning that you don't need to purchase expensive add on's to make it work. Just one example - would you expect a For Sale board as part of your property selling service? I should think so! Most online agents will charge you for a board and not only this it will probably be posted to you, which may well mean you will need to collect this from your local post office, find something to attach it to, dig a hole in your garden yourself and dust off your saw and screwdriver to put it all together! Big Red House will organise and arrange all this for you, while you put the kettle on! That's great value!

How long will it take to sell my house?

Without the assistance of a crystal ball we regrettable are unable to tell you this. However, we shall endeavour to sell your property as quickly as possible at the best price for your financial and personal circumstance. Our T&Cs are for an initial period of 12 months, after this you have the option to renew.
Rest assured, your property will be in good hands. The time it takes to sell your property will be no longer than that of a traditional agent, this is due to our approach to marketing and the expert sales support you have at your disposal.

How will you market my property?

We shall visit you to discuss your property and any circumstances that may be relevant. After instruction we shall arrange for your property to be valued, assessed and have floorplans, photography and market particulars produced.
All service options include a To Let board - even though the way people look for properties has changed throughout the past few years, potential property buyers we still get in their car and drive around the areas they are interested in!
Your property will be marketed on all major property portals that we feel are necessary to sell your property for a period of 12 months unless the property is sold before hand.

What professional bodies does Big Red House belong to?

Please see the professional bodies tab.on any of our main landing pages.

What if I currently have my property with another agent?

If your property is with a current agent, then you will need to check the terms and conditions of your agency agreement to see if you can have an additional agent (known as a multi agent agreement) or check your cancellation terms.

How come I get so much more service from Big Red House compared to other agent, but I save lots of money?

We have spent a long time ironing out the inefficiencies that exist with the Estate Agency practice and we choose to operate our service more efficiently compared to other agents. We are able to provide an effective, professional and great value service whilst stripping out all unnecessary business costs that a traditional agent would levy on you the client!
As Big Red House is an evolution of estate agency we have moved with the times, we understand our market and realise that old fashioned, slow and certain traditional methods of selling a property are no longer the way to operate. With the evolution and increasing customer confidence in the internet and the 'web' we are able to operate and provide a great value service in all regions. We do not need to operate costly high street locations in each town meaning we do not need to pass on costly overheads to our customers!

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